Price & Pierce

Origins of Price & Pierce date back to 1869. Amongst its earliest activities Price & Pierce was a major seller of timber and sawn goods from North America to Russia and UK. Since 1924 Price & Pierce was listed in London Stock Exchange for 50 years.

From 1950s to 1980s it was one of the shareholders in the Russian Wood Agency in UK. Price & Pierce was also the leading pulp agency in UK and Europe for decades and in 1984 the company was sold to Sears World Trade of USA.

In 1998 the Finnish public company M-Real Corporation became the owner of the company and in 2004 Gould Paper Corporation acquired Price & Pierce.

In 2010 Gould Paper Corporation announced the sale of 51% interest to Japan Pulp & Paper and the remaining 49% was sold in June 2015.

Gould Paper Corporation

Gould Paper Corporation was established on 1924 with headquarters in New York City, USA.

The company is the largest independently owned full service paper merchant in North America representing most major American and international mills.

Japan Pulp & Paper

Japan Pulp and Paper was established in 1845, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

The corporation is listed in Tokyo stock exchange, first section and it is financially strong, largest paper merchant in Japan.

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